Pope Francis Calls for a Break on Catholic Doctrine

According to Italian Newspaper Corriere Della Sera on Friday, Pope Francis’ revolutionary statements in saying that the Catholic Church needs a “break” in trying to wrong divorce, LGBTs, contraception and abortion in an interview is a sign of a call to shift the doctrine in the Vatican and the entire religion.

Pope Francis had always commented and indirectly criticised the Catholic Church’s rigidness in doctrine. According to his interview, he urged people to have mercy and deeply understand the people who feel very discriminated by the Church’s doctrines.

According to the Pope, the moral teachings of the Church are not all equal and a new balance must be found. The Gospel and the teachings of the bible must be put into context and not just in the rigidness of the doctrine itself.

In his interview, he said that homosexuals are not condemned by the Church and that it is not possible to interfere with a person’s spirituality. He also insisted that the church should be merciful and welcoming to women who had undergone abortions. He also said that the confession chambers must not torturous but greatly understanding.

Pope Francis statements shook the world as he is different from the two predecessors of his time. Both John Paul II and Benedict XVI have defended Church doctrines greatly. Observers say that the new Pope is not a rigid Puritan and has heart.

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